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What happened?
Why SG Bus Feedback?

SG Bus Feedback is an independent initiative to improve the service level of our public transport and is not affiliated to any of the bus operators in Singapore.

Have you ever encountered bus drivers who greet you with a wide smile when you board the bus or who drive with a keen sense of safety?

Have you ever encountered bus drivers who drive recklessly and endangers the lives of passengers and even other fellow road users?

How do you give praise or raise complaints in each of these cases?

You probably don't. Right?

Because sending mail is too much of a hassle, and even if you post it on social media channels, it's too small a voice to make them notice.

That's the aim of SG Bus Feedback.

We want to consolidate all your feedback about our bus services in an open/transparent forum, and through that to motivate (or even pressure) the bus operators to improve their services.